I had always heard about themed weddings but never had the opportunity to photograph one until earlier this year when I was asked by this couple to do their wedding photography for a Harry Potter themed wedding. The bride and groom went all out on custom decorations and the wedding dress was custom designed using inspiration from one of the bride's favorite characters from the Harry Potter movies. One of my favorite couples in Tulsa decided that instead of hanging the wedding dress in the closet and never doing anything with it, that it would be much better to have some fun with it and create some memories that would last much longer than the dress. Then along came a big snow. This is one of my favorite photos from Eric and Sarah's wedding at the University of Oklahoma in Norman. This image was taken in the Great Reading Room; such a beautiful backdrop for a very unique couple. Eric & Sarah met each other while attending the University of Oklahoma. Both of them being graduates from the university, when deciding to plan their wedding, thought it would be fitting to have the wedding on campus. A portrait of the bride and groom in front of large library windows. We had to get close to these amazing windows! Lots and lots of beautiful natural light just makes for a perfect wedding photography scenario! The groom moments before the wedding ceremony. A portrait of Sarah looking out of her dressing room window before the ceremony. A well dressed groom looks out of an upstairs window moments before the wedding ceremony. A photograph of the bride showcasing her wedding dress in front of the window. One decision every bride and groom is faced with is, what to wear for the wedding. As a photographer I like to take quite a few photos that showcase the fashion that is unique to each wedding. One piece of fashion that doesn't wear out or go out of style is the wedding ring. I like it when a wedding photographer captures the bride and groom holding the rings they will exchange with the promises of their unending love. A detailed shot of Sarah's wedding dress. The bride and groom wanted to have their "first look" privately before the ceremony began and since there was nothing going on in the library that summer weekend, we decided it would be the right place to photograph that moment. The first moment the groom saw his bride on their wedding day! Eric and Sarah on their big day. I was very excited! Any wedding photographer hopes to book weddings in unique and photogenic places like the beautiful Great Reading Room, but it's always a bonus to have such a nice couple to work with as well. After the "First Look" the wedding attendants joined the bride and groom for some group portraits. Do you notice a window in the building accross the street that seems to crown the head of the bride? The Wedding Party at OU. This is one of my favorite places in the Oklahoma City area for wedding photography. As a wedding photograper I make it a personal challenge to do some photographs in each wedding that are purely for fun. There was a theater in the student union that was right down the hall from the wedding reception and we had to make use of it! One can always find something interesting to shoot on a college campus. This phone booth was right outside the reception so we broke away from the wedding guests for a few moments and took a few photos with it. One of the last frames of the day usually titled "the end", but when it comes to wedding photography it's more appropriately titled "the beginning."